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Poncho Neck: Unsure about neck opening size
Hi Again,

Still working on my turtleneck poncho and wondering about the following:


Working on the Neck Opening the pattern states:

Work even until neck opening measures 7 1/2", end with a WS row.

I either went a little too far, or not far enough because my neck opening measures about 10" after 13 rows. (Using very bulky yarn as called for.) However, the opening I now have would obviously never fit over my head.

Then I checked ahead in the pattern for the Turtleneck (Finishing) and it states:

With RS facing and 16" circular needles, pick up 60 sts evenly around neck opening. Join and work in rounds of k2, p2 rib for 4", etc. etc.

I counted the stitches I have with the opening size of about 10" and there are only 26 sts. Do I keep knitting until I have at least 60 stitches (30 rows)?? That seems it would be more in line with a bigger opening.
So, now I'm wondering if the pattern means that the rows should be about 7 1/2" long which would give me a total opening of 15". Does that make more sense or am I missing something obvious??

Thanks again for all the great help,
Lee Lee
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