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You actually have longer than 2 weeks when you are doing the border and a knit section. Really it's 2 weeks for each. And I understand being busy... TRUST ME do I understand!
Fantastic! I wondered if extra time might be the case. I felt sick to my stomach last night (not really sure why) so I went home and crawled into bed at 8 pm (super early for me). I feel fine today. I have one of my knit nights tonight (skipped the one last night for the same reason as above), so I think I will take Summer Olympics with me and work on it there.

I'd also like to say that it A) feels strange to hold a crochet hook again and B) my crochet--or what little I can do, anyway--has improved a bit, I think! Not sure why, but I think knitting has helped my crochet be better.

Who would I be sending the blanket to when it is finished? Is it different from who I should return the needles to?
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