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Just checking in to say "Hi!" before I head out for choir rehearsal. Our big musical is this weekend, so we're working extra hard to get it all together. I'll be on piano, and one of my students will be playing keyboard. We'll also have another keyboard doing strings, and a guest organist for that instrument. We've also hired a brass ensemble.

Our adult choir will be joined by the children's choir, youth choir and a group of soloists. We'll also have drama performed in front of the musicians. I'd say that it will be a busy day!

Our big rehearsal is this Saturday morning, so I'm hoping it goes well.

In addition to that, I'm still teaching piano lessons, and playing some gigs as well. I played my keyboard in one of the big skyscraper buildings in uptown Charlotte yesterday for a couple hours. And I'm playing it at Chick-Fil-A tomorrow for lunch. (my hubby's restaurant). They want me to play at Chick-Fil-A again on Saturday, but it all depends on how long rehearsal goes at church. (My student is using my keyboard for that performance.)

As soon as all the Christmas stuff is over, I'll be back full force. The Autumn blanket is sitting in a basket by my knitting chair, so that will be first priority.
Thank you all for your patience with me!
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