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Hi Mel, I'm from Leominster...but not England! Leominster, Massachusetts. I think those are the only two Leominsters in the world. Are you near Leominster England?

We have about 20 inches of snow here from the past 2 days! Winter has arrived with a vengeance.

I posted another crochet video on my website today if you want to take a look.

I found this chart online that you might find helpful for comparing American English crochet terms...I once crochet an Irish lace collar for my daughter's Irish step dancing dress which was written in English terms and had to convert the whole thing before making it. That was quite a project, but turned out very nicely and made me aware of the differences. Here's a picture if you would like to see it. It's the one on the green dress in the middle of that post.

Let us know how your project turns out!

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