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phenomenal, yet excruciatingly painful, article to read. And unfortunately, oh-so-true. There is no woman in our culture (and many a boy as well) who has not been touched by rape, molestation, coersion, or near-rape. And those who blame the victim make it so much worse because it allows the perpetrators to think that what they are doing isn't wrong.

Stop to consider that the victim can be 9 days, 9 weeks, 9 months, 9 years, 19 years or 90 years old and you will understand that victims cannot and do not give consent to be violated.

Personally, my family has had a horrendous experience with this issue, one that I know we will never recover from. I am still shaking as I sit here after reading that article, but WOW! Is it ever necessary to talk about these things. Thank you to the brave young lady who wrote it! You've said for my family and so many others what we could not say for ourselves.
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