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having been molested and assaulted as well as coerced as a kid
i am o expert
but I make a point of letting my kids know what is and is not ok
when something bad happens in a movie they are old enough to see
I point it out, and how the characters may be feeling
I have a 16yo that thinks of a fetus as a tapeworm
No i never said anything like that, but she knows the reproductive cycle age appropriatly most of her life, so when her friends talk about how cool it is jammie lynnn is preg she can describe in some detail the parts not so cool
she also knows that abortion is the ending of a life, and so has a HUGE aversion to becoming pregnant in the first place
my 13yo has her own version of an aversion, but she just does not get colliwobbles around boys (or girls) YET

I am no expert, but I believe strong limits, and understood consequences, as well as LOTS of communication seems to do the trick
we shall see in 10-15 years
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