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What a powerful essay. I am going to forward it to my own grown daughter.

Being an "old lady" I could write pages, coming of age in the 60's when no one belived in something called "sexual abuse"when like many I experienced the trauma of being abused by a family "friend" , entering the work force in the 70's when sexual harressment was the norm (I got fired from a job for refusing a sexual request from a boss), and moving on to an an abusive marriage in the 80's ( that was certainly predictable) and feeling like it was all MY fault somehow. Then raising teenagers in the 90's when the world became a totally "sex scarey" place.

Is it any wonder that I could never quite understand my own daughters very different attitudes and values.

I was talking to DH's daughter last night, who lives in NYC, she said the only men she will "date", and by dating she means going out for a night of clubbing, a show or just to have a good time, are her gay men friends because those are the only men she trusts to not be sexually aggressive. How sad. I am glad she has someone safe to have fun with but sad that she is limiting her opportunity for true romance.
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