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Am I creating a bit of a bad habit?
I am a complete beginner (four days now) Ive tried to learn to knit before and was a total disaster, but this time with the videos here and a gift of good starter supplies from hubby, I have it!!! Anyway, started working on my first real project today... I have done lots of little samplers and practice pieces that hopefully noone will ever see

Anyway, I am English knitting, and I find that I tend to push my right needle back through with my finger on the tip of the needle and often do the same when pushing my work up the needle. Im just much faster that way than if I try to be coordinated enough to pull the needle back and through. I was considering getting those Knitpicks interchangeables, but man Im guessing those sharp tips are gonna smart... Anyone else do this? Is this a major faux pas?

Thanks for the great resource!!! Hubby even bought me beginner lessons, but I think Im going to use the gift cert for some goodies instead and take a more focused class later.

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