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Need Help W/Creative Knitting Jan 2009 Pattern
Hi all! I need help ASAP.

I just bought the January 2009 issue of Creative Knitting. I want to make the Waffle Stitch Spa Cloth (pg 51). I think there's a mistake in the pattern, but I can't find an errata anywhere. Probably too soon, unless I'm doing something wrong.

Can someone take a look at the pattern and help?

The part I'm having a problem with is in Row 2. The numbers are not adding up. Really, Row 1 doesn't add up either, but I think they left off part of the instructions (you're supposed to do a K2 before the border stitches...instructions do not indicate this). The same reasoning won't work for Row 2 though.

I have no idea what to do!


Thanks in advance!
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