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I'm an English knitter, too, and I certainly did do the pushing thing for quite some time when I was learning. My Harmony and Options needles pretty well broke me of the habit of pushing with the pads of my fingers - not just because it hurt, but also because it just isn't necessary, they are so nice and slick and pointy! :D

I never push my left needle with right hand at all now, but I do tend to sort of guide the right needle with the side of my left pointer finger. It's getting an awesome callous, just as Mason commented. Note, however, that this is a really bad thing to do with the Options dpns! I bought those when they went on sale for $19.99 at KP a while ago, and I find that I do not particularly care for them. Not only are the a bit heavier than my Harmony dpns (which I adore), they are also the pointiest darned things since sewing needles! I actually cut my finger from the guiding-with-the-left thing! (Oy!) Luckily, I hinted some completely broadly to husband that I wanted the full set of Harmony dpns for the holidays that he did actually provide those as a gift (along with "No Sheep for You", a must for this wool-allergic knitter, and "Sensational Knitted Socks"! Woot!)
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