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Books, books, books...
Hi, Marria!

I'm such a book nut I could probably list a gazillion but there are a couple that come to mind immediately that I've read over and over.

Nora Roberts is my all-time favorite author and her 3-book series, "Morrigan's Cross, Dance of the Gods, and Valley of Silence" are among my favorite books. Fantasy, romance,'s all in there, plus they're among the most beautifully written of her works, IMO. I've read the trilogy several times and have enjoyed it each time.

Also, Nora writes a futuristic series as J.D.Robb and all the titles are " Death". The first in the series (of about 25 or so books) is "Naked in Death". Her characters in this series are absolutely incredible and even though it's futuristic in nature, they're believable! I found myself so caught up, rooting for the heroes and heroines and booing and hissing the bad guys. It's really an amazing body of work, likely to get you hooked in no time!

Another favorite author of mine is David Baldacci, especially his "Camel Club" novels. They're all a very good read, beautifully plotted and characterized.

Vince Flynn writes political thrillers and the first one is "Term Limits", probably my favorite of his although the following books in the series certainly kept me interested!

Hope this helps you compile your list! You're in for a very good year with all the great suggestions in this thread!

Happy reading,

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