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I have a goofy pair of Inox needles that have unequal tips, one is a sz. 5 and the other is a sz. 6 . I marked the sz. 5 tip with a permanent marker and am able to use these needles for circular knitting as a sz. 6 by always knitting from the sz. 5 tip onto the sz. 6 tip. These are 16 inch circs and I use them for hats. I didn't realize at first that there was a difference until I was putting them away and checked the size with my needle gauge just to make certain that they were going back into the correct bag. The sizer read 5, but the package was a sz. 6 and I didn't have any empty sz. 5 packages so I checked the size of the tip again and it read sz. 6. I decided to double check and when I did I ended up checking the sz. 5 side. I know I'm slightly nutty at times, but usually not within a couple of minutes!


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