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place stitches on holder and co 11 stitches
Im using janis cortese's pattern for Broad Street Mittens (fingerless gloves @ and im at the thumb gusset. i have placed the 14 stitches (after increasing) onto a holder and the pattern states:

Place these added stitches along with the purled stitch and the stitch at the end of the needle (14 stitches in all) onto a holder, and co 11 stitches.
K the last cast-on stitch together with the first stitch on the third needle (this prevents a gap from forming between the second and third needles)
K 1 row even

My questions are:

1. Am i casting on stitches over the thumb gusset increased area? (my working yarn is at the end of the stitches on the holder)
2. How do i cast on those 11 stitches?

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