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Originally Posted by Jaxhil View Post
Hi! That's a great looking sweater-I would love to join as well, but I also have a couple things I'd like to finish first~ a Moss Grid Towel for my Dsis and a shawl I've been working on for months for my DMom. Neither should take long if I put my mind to it and just do it.

I was wondering if it has to be this sweater? I bought some yarn already for another pattern (if I could only remember which pattern that was! ). It's LB CottonEase. My DD has a sweater out of it and it's holding up very nicely so I'm pretty sure it's going to be a good choice (crosses fingers!).

My DH is a big and tall guy too, and I was thinking of socks for *that* reason ~LOL!!
It doesn't have to be the sweater I'm making. Whatever pattern/yarn you pick is cool. This thread is just to keep the motivation going through the miles and miles of knitting that will need to be done to finish any husband's (especially a big and tall one!) sweater.

I almost went with CottonEase, because my husband didn't want a very heavy sweater, but I wasn't sure how it would hold up. Thanks for posting that your DD's held up, in case I ever decide to do another sweater for my husband.
Cranking out:
Alpine Zip-Neck Pullover - Lion Brand Yarn pattern

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