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Originally Posted by OffJumpsJack View Post
I've crocheted a Tam but haven't knit one, but the crochet slip has no ease or stretch to it unless the yarn itself has stretch.

Since it is a rib stitch, I would recommend using the front post sc in the knit rib and the back post sc in the purl rib. Use a smaller hook size to tighten the gauge.

Alternatively you can pick up stitches from the top edge of the "hat band" on the inside of the tam and sc/dc around in a one size smaller gauge. An SC or DC on the top, inner edge of that ribbing wouldn't show.

Wow thank you..but I did complete it..then using a Crochet Sl st (turned out just o.k...check it out I have a pic under Watcha Knitting _ Rasta) around the rim skipping around a bit on the co edge...

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