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Designing with stitch patterns...

Here's something that may be of help, for this and future projects.

There's such a thing as "knitters' graph paper". It isn't square blocks but rectangular ones, wider than they are high. This mimics the actual shape of many knitted stitches and can be very helpful when you're working out a design from bottom to top. That way your length won't look squished.

But you can use the square block graph paper as well to lay out how your various stitches will connect.

It's very helpful sometimes to graph out your stitches in color. I use crayola colored pencils (green for purls and red for knits, or whatever colors you like) but you can also use highlighter pens to good effect.

It's not something that has to take a long time or be very involved. Think of it as a "coloring book" for knitters! It's amazing what you pick up when you lay it out visually. All too often I've had projects get weird because I hadn't taken into account something in one pattern stitch that didn't gel with another pattern stitch.

Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes!

Happy knitting,

Ruthie in Maryland
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