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Originally Posted by kellybigeyes View Post
ArtLady... I am thinking about trying out a log cabin dishcloth. I have never done the log cabin before. I saw your picture on picking up sts with a crochet hook. I have never picked up sts before. My question is this....

Do you use a crochet hook that is smaller than the knitting needles or one that is about the same size?

My other question which is a silly I think.... Once you get the sts on the hook... do you just transfer them to the needle?
I pick the stitches up at the "head end" of course, and after I have about 10-20 stitches crammed onto the crochet hook...I slide them off the crochet hook at the "tail end" one at a time onto the awaiting knitting needle.

No, the crochet hook isn't the same size as the knitting needle. It is smaller. I make it as small as possible, but not so small that the stitches won't load onto the knitting needle. I make them as small as possible so that the pick up row of stitches hugs against the existing edge as closely as possible. I don't want the picked up stitches to have any 'legs'.

When transferring the picked up stitches from the crochet hook onto the knitting needle you have to turn them around so that they are ready to knit on the next regular row. As you pick them up they are turned around. You'll get it when you see it.
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