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Originally Posted by Samsam View Post
Hey, I'm glad I've found this thread!
I've been wanting to make a blanket that I can bring to college with me. I want to use dishcloth patterns of all sorts of things I like for example there is a maple leaf cloth, New York state cloth etc. I drew out what it would look like and how much squares I would need and it was a lot and the thought of seaming them all has put my project on hold. I was wondering how I can do it seamlessly but still use the images I want to.
I'm going to use all the worsted weight washable wool I have in my stash then buy more when I've used it all and they'll all be different color squares.

Yes, you can do them seamlessly using the 'intarsia' technique. There is a video clip here at KH.

Basically, here's what you do: let's say you want your blanket to be 4 big squares across and 6 squares tall. Let's say each square is 30 stitches wide. So cast on 120 stitches using your border color. Then on row 1...using color A, knit 30 stitches for square #1...using color B, knit 30 stithces for square #2...etc...repeat same process for colors C & D.

Turn the work for row 2: work your 30 stitch pattern in color D (square #4)...drop color D, pick up color C (square #3) and twist the two color around each other to prevent a hole and continue on with the 30 st in pattern for square #3.


The 'twisting around each other" is the intarsia technique. You can watch the video clip. It is so incredibly easy you might not even need to watch the video...but do so anyway so that your intarsia is neat in the back.

Log #9 for the Moderne baby size LOG CABIN requires intarsia technique, too, cuz log #9 has two color blocks side by side. I'm busy with that log right now.

Let us know if you need any more help! Don't feel embarrassed or shy about asking more questions.
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