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Hi everyone... I may be getting ahead of myself here, but I was reading ahead in the pattern because I had seen ArtLady's post on the planning thread about some corrections, and now I have a question... and maybe you can answer it ArtLady since you're on block 9 now.

The pattern says pickup and knit 54 and 54 sts in colors B and D for 108 sts. The correction says to place marker at 63 ridges and pick up and knit 54 and 54 sts for 108 sts. BUT... considering you pick up one stitch from each bound off stitch and/or each end ridge, there should be 126 sts along the edges of blocks 1,3,5, and 7... which is also the number of stitches wide block 8 is at the top, which is the same length.

So, did I miss something in the correction? If you place a marker at 63 ridges, which would be the middle (it looks like anyway!), wouldn't that be 126 sts... the same as block 8? I'm pretty sure this is probably what it is, but thought I'd bring it up here for any new knitters who are a little math challenged... or to straighten me out if I'm not correct!

If you pick up and knit 54 sts within the 63 ridges before and after the marker, you would have puckers, correct?

Just checking before I get to that point and making sure I'm going to do it correctly when I get there.... I'm about halfway through block 7 now.... these blocks are getting bigger and taking longer! I like the baby stashghan so far and will probably drag out some other stash and go for a big one next time.
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