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Originally Posted by mare-nitt View Post
I used to crochet 25 years ago and haven't done any since then. I just watched Mary Grace's video on adding a crochet edge to a knitted item. It was excellent. (thank you Mary Grace)
Is there a stitch in crochet that looks like the knit garter stitch? I have to add a few inches to a knitted vest, and the last few rows on the edge of the vest are knit garter stitch, so I was hoping I could somehow just add on a crochet stitch that would'nt be that notice-able.
Any suggestions? (I can't take out the knit garter stitich because it is the beginning and end of the rows. so I need to add a trim and this will also be used as the button row)
Yes, garter st and many others...It's in a book called "From Needles to Hooks"'d you

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