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Originally Posted by Woodi View Post
Artlady: how did you do rows 9,10? then 11,12? It looks like you changed color halfway through?.....
It's never to late to join! As for all your variety of colors, that's ok too! With the smaller tidbits and ball...try to use those for logs 1-3. Maybe think about striping log#1 or log#3. You can always incorporate the smaller tidbits as a single ridge (which is two rows).

Are you asking about rows or logs? You said "rows", but did you really mean "logs"?

I did the baby blanket, BTW...not the adult full size. There are different log layouts for each one. But, as I'll explain, I kinda took liberties with their prescribed log layout.

For log#9...the two "blocks" are knit at the same time on each row. So when you get to the "fence" have to wrap one color around the other before continuing. This is called 'intarsia' technique. It is demonstrated by Amy in our KH videos. Be sure to watch it if you don't understand intarsia.

For the last log#10...I picked up my stitches in different numbers with the two colors. This was based upon my quantity of yarn. And, instead of limiting log#10 to 18 ridges...I did about 30 ridges I think. I just knit til the lighter rainbow variegated ran out. Log#10 is also knit with the two colors at one time on each row...and also using the intarsia technique for crossing over the "fence" into the neighbor's yard!

In picking up stitches for any log, let it be known that you really don't even have to count. You just pick up one stitch in each garter bump or bind off stitch, whichever is presenting itself at the time.

I did count, however, I rarely came up with the wrong number. If I was off, it was by one stitch too many. I think that is cuz when I was picking up stitches at the end of one color and the beginning of the next color...I picked up real close so there'd be no gap.

The Mason-Dixon chicks say that for log don't have to count the pick up stitches...just pick up one for one all the way across. They are right. However they give up pick up numbers 'for the record'. But it really is 'give or take' a stitch or two.

If you have a lumpy/wavy outside is fixed when you do your border.
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