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I was just Googling Ball Winders Yesterday..
Originally Posted by laikabear View Post
Is it bad for the yarn to be wound into balls before you are ready to knit with it? I want to pre wind a bunch of yarn today, but I was thinking there must be some reason that some yarn comes in hanks and not balls...

The thing that really kept me from getting a ball winder for so long was the cost of the swifts! Even Knitpicks, home of the cheap knitting supplies, has one for $70! I finally found a cheap metal one from an Amazon seller for $40. I know you can make your own but I'm lazy.

I had to do something though, since I just ordered all this yarn from WEBS and it's all in hanks.

.. and I saw one answer to your question. Hanks are done that way to "let the yarn breath." Now, in my book, if the yarn is still breating, they you might expect it to not want to be knitted into fabric. "Baa! Baa!"

**[I don't think winding a center pull ball or cake will cause problems.] Center pull balls alow the yarn to relax into the center hollow as you use it so would negate any stretch issues if it was wound tight in a ball. **[in contrast to tight hand winding.]

I've had issues with hand wound balls once I get to the center where it's ben squashed into a tight wad and all crinkled from the outer windings.**

I think I've finally found a new years resolution, to build a homemade ball winder.


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