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True Beauty Scarfs
I am part of a knitting project to make scarfs that will be donated to The Support Network for Battered Women. My scarfs will be made out of novelty yarns. We as a group are looking for donations of remant yarns that you may have left over between 10-25 yards.
When donating we are asking that a short letter or postcard is included with the following
My name is(your name)
This yarn is from (yarn brand), it was leftover from (project name)which was created for (person who received it) I consider this project to be special because(why it was special). I hope my contribution will help a truly remarkable and beautiful person.

There are other yarn types going to different knitters that I'm sure would also accept your yarn if they are not novelty yarns. The yarn types are
Novelty Yarns, Multi Colored Sock Yarn, Multi Colored Yarn for Crazy scarf, and Solid Yarns.
There is a group on Ravelry titled True Beauty Scarf Project for anyone who would like to join.
If you have yarn you can leave me a reply on this thread and I will PM you my address.Thank you for any donations that you may be able to give.
Thank you for any donations that you may be able to give.
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