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I also looove my Denise needles!
I love how many sizes of needles and cables there are in one place (so you don't have to buy one of each).
And I find the same thing that they are very light and my work just seems to float on the needle, rather than hanging heavily.
I actually bought a second set--the pink breast cancer awarness ones! I just loved the pink, and I always have more than one project going on at the same time (I get bored easily!) and always seem to need the same size for all of them, and of course, $5 went to breast cancer awarness charity.
They seem to be a very caring company--in the pink set there is an extra insert that explains how the owner had breast cancer and her fight with it and her brother's research and efforts as a doctor, etc., it's a very touching story!
I use them for everything (except for when I need smaller needles than in the set, for that I use KP Nickel Plated).
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