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Knitting in round with double pointed needles--help needed!
Hi Everyone!

I am knitting a baby hat in the round from a pattern using a simple k3 p2 rib stitch. I am making three of the same hat for three different babies all born last week! The pattern calls for 60 stitches, which I've divided between 4 double point needles.

After completing the first hat, the right side of the work is on the inside of the hat. I am positive I followed the pattern exactly, and it doesn't say anything about turning it inside out, which makes me think maybe I'm not doing the knitting in the round correctly.

My question is: when you knit in the round using double point needles, should the right side be on the inside, or the outside of the "tube" you are knitting? If on the outside, how do you accomplish this?

I knit a lot many years ago but am just getting back into it so I would classify myself as an advanced beginner.

THANKS so much in advance for any help or advice!

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