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Originally Posted by ArtLady1981 View Post
Hi Libbie!

I looked at the schematics for this pattern. The size 47.5" size gives this information: at the widest part for the chest just before the raglan decreases begin is 14" for each FRONT, and 23.5" for the BACK...a total of 51.5" around...which allows some for seaming.

However, why couldn't you plan to cast on additional stitches for the FRONTS ONLY...treating them as residents of the front edges where the buttons and buttonholes go.

Do all your side decreasing as per usual...but you will know (and you could place a stitch marker at each point) that you have an additional, let's say 6 st living along the FRONT'S edges. The gauge is 12 st = 4" 6 extra stitches for each FRONT will increase your bust area by 4". That oughta do.

Well, give it some thought. The FRONTS are pretty plain...and it seems like you should be able to add some extra room for God's Gifts!

I know that these 6 extra stitches will make the FRONTS wider from the bottom up. Another idea is: cast on the recommended number of stitches, but don't decrease as much or as dramatically, leaving out 6 decreases for each FRONT. This is another way to get back those 6 extra stitches without casting on more stitches from the get-go.
Ah, now that is a really good idea! I hadn't considered just adding some to the fronts but that would probably do it. Thank you ArtLady!! Definitely something to seriously think about....hmmm... ugh, I'm supposed to be destashing, not finding a pattern that requires me to go buy yarn. Might have to sneak it in and "find" it in my stash

I really would like this coat but I don't care for the flowers. If I do go ahead and jump on this I'll probably just do leaf vines all the way up instead.

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