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Hi Karina!

Oh, you reminded me! I remember thinking about implanting one vine, two leaves and one flower into the RIGHT FRONT SIDE. Oh gads. I don't know. I haven't quite wrapped my mind around modifications yet.

Hood/no hood? Fancy-work hood/plain seed stitch hood? Collar? Zipper? Clasps? Buttons? Plain Right Front/Fancy Right Front? Side to side cuffs/ribbed cuffs? Plain seed stitch sleeves/fancy-work sleeves? Inside-out seams/conventional mattress seams? Pockets/no pockets?

The more options & modification I see, the more I lean to knitting the entire pattern AS SET FORTH by the designer!

First to knit: SLEEVES> I will make the cuffs as per pattern. I like them and I think they dress up the sleeve. Her cuff is classy. No further embellishments or designs on the sleeves. Plain seed stitch as per pattern.

Next to knit: LEFT FRONT>as per pattern

Next to knit: RIGHT FRONT>decisions need to be made regarding 1) chart 'design elements' incorporated into it (or not) and 2) buttonholes (or not)

Next to knit: BACK>as per pattern

Last to knit: HOOD>decisons, decisions I'll think about the HOOD as I knit the other parts of the coat first.
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