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I have a question about sizes ... I've never knit anything like this before where size matters, LOL

So it says finished bust measurement :
34 (38, 41 1/2, 44 1/2, 47)
Referred to throughout pattern as
XS (S, M, L, XL)

My over-clothes bust measurement is 41" or so -- so that would mean the M would *just fit* assuming it knit up right to size? No roominess? So I'd want a size up from the number that is closest?

Or do the measurements mean what size charts for pre-made clothing mean; "Fits a bust size of 41.5" and that already includes any intended roominess?

I hope my question makes sense ... do I need to include my own guess at desired roominess?

I don't want it stretched-to-fit across my bust with the button holes gaping! Eek! But I don't want to swim in it, either. I'm not a big woman, but I do have the nursing mama bust going on ...

I guess I need to finish my gauge swatch(es) too, though, before starting out.
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