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Help with slippers
I am hoping someone can give me a helping tip. I am knitting wool slippers that will be felted when done. The pattern is Felted Slippers on page 60 in Patons Next Steps Four Socks and Slippers book# 500861DD. I hope to find someone who is familiar with this manner of making slippers. They are a bit different than socks.

It starts out with knitting the heel as a three sided triangle -beginning with 5 stitches and increasing until there are 21 across. This is where I get hung up.

Each side is made from a chain from the increased stiches. I am to pick up 19 stitches along the right and left sides. I cannot locate anymore than 13 stitches, but notice that at the increased stitches lie are larger than usual holes.

I wonder if I am to create 2 stitches in these holes and spread them out until I have 19 stitches on each side.

Is there anyone who can give me a hint or two? I would really be greatful!

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