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In preparation for any cabled project, I always make an enlarged copy of the "key" for the charts and then I "color code" the chart first, then the charts themselves. I enlarged my charts before color coding.

If you decide to color code these very busy charts, PLEASE color code the KEY first. Then...put a ruler under each row of the chart, starting with Row 1, and color code all the chart's cable symbols to match the KEY. Then move on to Row 3. Don't be tempted to hunt all over the chart for the same symbol and color code all c5r's first. You will drive yourself crazy. Color code your charts methodically...row by row from the bottom up. Line by line. Then you will not miss anything, and you will not color code something in error. Don't rush yourself. Get it right. You can't erase it. You can only re-print the charts and re-do the colors. Ick.

Warning: I found two sets of 5-stitch cable chart symbols that are nearly identical. Be on the lookout for them.

Here is a snippet from a color coded KEY:

Here is a snippet of how to apply the color coding to a chart:
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