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Yes, I'm certain that Office Depot or Staples printing services department can enlarge the charts for you. Don't know cost.

However, you could also enlarge it yourself by:

1) open your SYLVI pdf chart using Adobe Reader
2) enlarge chart 1/page 6 to 150%, or whatever larger size is still completely viewable widthwise within the computer screen (whatever isn't viewable won't print)
3) Click on “File”, then “Print”. In the window that opens now, there’s a section called "Print Range" with gives you the possibility to specifically enter which pages you want to print. In your case, Select the button called "Current View". (your current view will be something like chart rows 1-64 only)
4) click OK

It will print the enlarged view, of let's say chart rows 1-64.
Then do the same with the top half of the chart, picking up chart rows 65-80

Repeat this two step printing process for the second page of the chart.

I like printing the 4 pages of charts cuz they are still a manageable size to handle.

Hey, if you do take your charts to Staples or Office Depot, you could request they use a heavier wt. paper! This would make the handling much easier. Less flimsy.

Another way to enlarge your charts yourself is: print the chart as per normal. Next, lay the top half on the scanner, and use the printers capability to enlarge what is laying on the scanner.
Then repeat the process for the other half of the chart.
I usually do this when the chart is in a book or leaflet.
But in the case of pdf pattern Sylvi, I could use the FILE>PRINT>PRINT RANGE>CURRENT VIEW>OK route.
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