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I've decided to eliminate the HOOD in favor of this standup
style collar that I saw over in the SYLVI Group on Rav.
She stated that she started knitting from the
neckline of the FRONTS and BACK with 1x1 ribbing
for double the height she wanted the collar, and turned
it to the inside and whip stitched it into place. She worked
2 button holes, as the PHOTO ABOVE shows. I think it
would require making 4 holes so that when the
collar in turned down to the inside, they match up and
create just two real buttonholes. She didn't elaborate
all that much. Anyhoo, this is the PERFECT collar for me.

I've also decided I'm not going to work the inside-out seam.
I am not wild about it at all.
I'm going to work the conventional mattress seam.

It is a standup collar,
and doesn't lay down over any
of the flowers and leaves in the BACK.
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