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Originally Posted by Karina View Post
Would like to do something on the fronts as the coat looks a bit bland if you don't know what is on the back.
Hi Karina!

I agree with you about the FRONTS. I'm still mulling it over.

When you look at the FRONT, ho hum....ho hummmmmm.

Then, when you turn around: BLAM!
There's a surprising EXPLOSION of detail from top to bottom.

OK, here is a way we could approach it:

1) knit the sleeves first (this gives us a good 'feel' for the gauge)

2) knit the LEFT FRONT plain (I wouldn't put motifs on both would be overkill)

3) knit the BACK (we can view the 'real deal' and this helps us assess the look and size of all the motif possibilities)

4) knit the RIGHT FRONT, making a decision about what motifs to include in it; after knitting the entire BACK, we'll have a good 'feel' for the cable motifs; we can decide what parts of the cable motifs to extract from the chart and incorporate into the RIGHT FRONT; it could be something as simple as one flower, vine, and two leaves trailing up from the hem of the RIGHT FRONT!

5) join sleeves to body and knit the hood (or collar)

As I said in an earlier post, I am always fighting with the length of my sleeves. I am a 5' gal, so my arms are proportionately shorter as well. I'm going to knit my sleeves just to 15" before starting the raglan shaping, put the sleeve stitches on waste yarn...and won't finish the sleeves til the LEFT FRONT and BACK are done. This will allow me to mock-seam (clip) the BACK, LEFT FRONT and half LEFT SLEEVE together for a 'fitting'. By that try-on, I'll know whether or not to leave the sleeve at 15" and start the raglan shaping at the armholes...or knit some more length to the sleeve.

This coat will be a very simple knit for the most part. By taking time to tinker around with such details as swatching, our sleeve length, try-on fittings, etc...we will ensure a good fitting coat!

It is rather fun to plan this coat, isn't it? The modification possibilities are endless! Modifying the coat to suit our own body type and our own taste is interesting.

BTW, I am in the process of getting directions on how modify the coat to fit a bustier woman. I posted the issue over at the Rav group. Someone there has promised to post new directions (in the TWIST BLOG) for modifying the coat to fit a well-endowed bust.
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