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We'd usually color-code our charts first before laminating. Did you color-code before or after enlarging? I have some of the 'self-laminating' sheets. It's a cold laminating process. But they are only the standard sheet size 9x12 called SELF SEAL by GBC. Got a pack of 50 sheets at Office Depot or Staples.


To block: knit the pieces first. Don't block anything til all 5 pieces are knit. Never block with hot water. I use coolish water. Not frigid cold, not warm.

Yes, I've heard that some folks use shampoo, however, the PH of shampoo might not be the greatest. Do you have access to any type of sweater wash? Eucalan?

Anyone care to input on that one? I'm not fully informed.

I personally might not do the full bath style of blocking for SYLVI.
I might use my old standby: pin the pieces down to the blocking board and mist the tar out of them...and leave til bone dry. OR, lay damp towels on the pieces and leave til bone dry.

I always do the full bath style blocking when the yarn needs 'bloom' to fill in the stitches, or if the yarn needs to have excess dye and dye odor removed (as in Donegal Tweeds), or if the yarn is filthy (like Malabrigo Merino) from the get-go. You wouldn't believe how much soil comes out of Malabrigo!

This is the wash water left behind Malabrigo Merino
color "natural, undyed cream"!

The filth wasn't my fault! I knit this coat very quickly. The pieces were impeccable. But, hidden in the depths of the fiber was lots of soil from the sheep's wool. I think undyed Malabrigo is especially dirty cuz it doesn't receive the extra dunking from a dying process!

I don't think my Rowan POLAR will be this full of soil. At least I don't think so.

I'll wash my swatch in a small white saucer, and see if I get any soil from it!
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