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I got it! I got it!

OMG...there are some fabulous projects in this book and I'm so glad you recommended it to me, Quiltlady!!! I have decided, after parusing and re-parusing the book that I will leave in the purl feature and the lace inset feature on the back!!!

Having the book definitely shows the wonderful details. I just looovvvvve "Gayle, Diana, Marissa and Maria". All the necklines are just wonderful! Yep, lots of fantastic tops in the book. Oh, mercy, just love the gorgeous "Katherine"...wish I had figure for that one~ And although I like "Rachael" as well, I just don't think my family and friends would appreciate me wearing that one... LOL! Well, off to find my figure.....

I will get started in the next couple of days and post progress~
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