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Working the Gusset
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It's a great book!!
[quote=mwhite;1201187]I got it! I got it!
Yes. I agree there are a lot of things in the book that I love too.

I finished the back and the front of the sweater. I am working on the first sleeve now. I agree. I think the cable pattern in the front and the back "makes" the sweater. I also love the garter stitch rows too. I really just love everything about this sweater.

Okay, here is what else I love in the book... Audrey, the cable sweater, Marissa, The Katherine dress but I sure wouldn't look like THAT on I won't be knitting that one...but it's beautiful. I love the Erin one with all the colors. Diana would be pretty in cotton. Gayle is a beauty but I already own a cardigan similar to it that I bought. Cynthia is pretty and would be easy to knit. I like Kristin too and even Pamela. As you can tell I too really like this book.

I am knitting the Garter stitch row every 14th row. Instead of purling back on that row I knit it. It's worked out well for me doing it that way.

I even considered putting the cable design on the middle of the sleeves but decided against it..but it could easily be done.

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