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Originally Posted by nonny2t View Post
How very cute and I too wish I would see them wear the stuff I make. I always feel like they hated it and it is stuck way back in a closet somewhere. I did have a funny thing happen with a sweater I made for my grandson when he was in kindergarten several years ago. His mom said he wore the sweater to school ALL the time and finally she said, "Thomas why do you always want to wear that sweater?" My grandson replied "The girls all love me in it!" He was 5 at the time! lol I do know my dd has passed on sweaters I have made for t that no longer fit and the little girl that wears them loves them and her mom is an expert knitter! That is something I am definitely NOT!
Thanks Nonny What a great story for you tell you grandson when he is older. LoL You could be busy knitting fro him when he is in his teens. Especially as your sweaters attract the girls for him
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