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Originally Posted by TooCircular View Post
It's probably a dumb question, but are there any tips out there as far as teaching a beginner to knit? Seems it would be more difficult teaching the continental method to someone new to knitting. I
prefer the continental method myself, but know how to do the other way too. Any theories/suggestions? Also, is there a certain needle size and yarn type I should stick with?

Thanks a bunch,

All the suggestions by the others are really good, but as a fairly new knitter who remembers learning how to by trial and error not so long ago, I would suggest that you teach her how to pick up dropped stitches fairly soon. That was the most frustrating thing for me to learn how to do...can still remember how panicked I was when faced with a dropped stitch. I also found metal needles to be too slippery and still prefer using plastic with less stitch dropping. Also, any time that I attempt something new that I am uncertain I can do without ripping back, I put in a lifeline...that has saved me from much frustration.
Good luck to you and your friend...

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