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Grafting the Toe
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I figured this out for you. I worked the 8 rows of pattern and then did the decreases to see how they would work. I don't know how many times you do each of the decrease sections but the pattern repeat is over 16 stitches, so you will have some multiple of 16 when you begin the decreases. Here is what I found worked.

Row1: * P2tog, P1, (k2, P2) 2 times, k2, p1, p2tog (14sts); repeat from * for each 16 stitch section.
Row2: (k2, P2) across
Row 3: *P2tog, (k2, p2) 2 times, k2, P2tog; repeat from * in each section. (12)
Row 4: * K1, p2, T3F, T3B, p2, K1; rep from * in each section
Row 5: * K2tog, k2, p4, k2, k2tog; rep from * in section (10).
Row 6: *P3, C4B, p3; rep from * in each section
Row7: *K2tog, k1, p4, k1, k2tog; rep from * in each section (8)
Row 8: *P1, T3B, T3F, P1; rep from * in each section.
Row 9: (P2tog) 4 times in each section. (4)
Row 10: (k2tog)2 times; in each section. (2)
Row 11: P2tog in each section. (1)

So you end up with one stitch in each section. From there you no doubt close up the top of the hat and seam it. This is a very nice cable and it looks real good the way it comes together worked this way.
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