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Originally Posted by MerigoldinWA View Post
I see, the gray is the sleeves. I thought you were wearing a gray sweater under the top. The layered look is really in these days so it works great. Is that bit of gray at the neck knitted on or is something underneath? Necessity is the mother of invention. Running out of yarn stretched your creativity in a new direction and produced a cool sweater. I like the neckline you have in the picture.
I'm wearing a brown top underneath; there is no gray except in the sleeves. I'm still not happy with the neckline, and I may have posted this already, but I'm going to re-do the knitted on I-cord to pick up every other row or maybe 3 rows out of four instead of every row as I have now. If the neck line would stay in the shape as it is in the picture, I'd be satisfied.

I like the sweater more and more; it just wasn't at all what I had pictured it being when I started the adventure!

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