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Originally Posted by ArtLady1981 View Post
I got mine, too! Six from Linda, six from Jill. Jill sends a different style of 'spool'. It is wrapped around what could be called a toilet paper tube, but thicker. No end caps.

Here are some photos of the two styles of netting spools:
From Linda, spools have solid 'end caps':

From Jill, no end caps at all:

Here are 9 out of 12 spools, all cut in half and ready to roll!

Emerald green netting with white cotton = a tweed effect:

I use white netting with colored cottons.
White netting with blue variegated cotton:

White netting with creams/tans variegated cotton:

And this is white with white:

Very good for a potato scrubbie! Takes that dirt off real slick&fast!
Artlady - How did you cut your spools in half? I recieved my netting from Linda Friday and I am ready to start. Thanks
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