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Knit Picks Cabled Yoke Coat
Here is the link:

It's a long shot but I was wondering if anyone has made or has the pattern for the Knit Picks Cabled Yoke Coat.

This is my first Knit Picks pattern and I gotta say I'm not overly impressed with the writing.

This is a bottom up raglan (all in one piece) and I am up to the armpit and having a terrible time understanding the underarm gusset directions, the directions themselves are clear enough, the problem lies in stitch count. My count is off by 2 stitches and the directions are very unclear as to where to start the gussett.

I guess it doesn't make sense unless you are looking at the pattern but in the event that someone here has it.....

I am up to the underarm gusset and the stitches just don’t “add up”. I am making the 56”, am ready to start the underarm gussett. I have 276 stitches on my needles as as follows:

The pattern SAYS there should be 278.

BUT looking at the second paragraph on page 2 where the increases start: Next row (INC)...) the first increase row for 56” results in 252 stitches, 4 more increases (increasing 6 stitches per row) add 24 stitches which is an end result of 276 stitches (which is what I have) but the pattern says you should end up with 278 stitches.

Where the heck are those 2 stitches? and how do I start the gussett knowing I am two stitches off? If I follow the gusset directions as written is my gusset going to be "off"?

I called Knit Picks, they said to email them, which I did, but they also said it could take a week or longer to get an answer. THe test knitter for this pattern is on Ravelry, I PM'd her over the weekend but have not received a response. She may not be on ravelry that often or may chose to not answer questions, I don't know.

I spend a very frustrating day yesterday counting and re counting stitches and the bottom line is the pattern AND my garmet are 2 stitches off!!

But the gusset directions include the 2 missing stitches.
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