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Hmmm....this is a cotton/viscose blend yarn that is kind of boucle-ish from looking at Crystal Palace's website, and it's a DK weight.

Feasibly, you could substitute just about any DK weight you wanted to, keeping in mind that the drape of your fabric could change. If it were me, I'd probably go with another cotton blend. Pure cotton can be a bit difficult to work with for a first sweater, since it's not very stretchy.

Here are some possible substitutes: (This one has pretty similar fiber content to the other one, but it's not spun the same way.) (This one is spun in a similar way, but it's 100% cotton).

As for whether it's easy enough for a first sweater--if you feel comfortable doing the lace pattern (which doesn't look too difficult to me), I think this would be a great first sweater, because there is no armhole or neck shaping. So you can concentrate on the lace pattern while not having to worry about binding off and doing decreases for the shaping.
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