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Originally Posted by ArtLady1981 View Post
Great work Lady! I love the colors, and thanks for sharing all the great photos! Way to go! Great knitting!

I friended you over at Rav, Lydia! We're sorta neighbors! I live in Kent, as you can see. I love Lacey! I have customers all over in Lacey, and was down there a few weeks ago, off the Nisqually exit up to Martin Way SE then over to Fitz Hugh Dr SE.

Lacey's the home of SHIPWRECK BEADS and CABELA's too!
Moved here just under a year ago from San Antonio, TX. I grew up in Kent, though I miss the weather in TX, but love the scenery here. I'm far enough in the 'burbs to have nice quiet, but still be close to SHOPPING! I haven't seen a yarn store anywhere though :(
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