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Short Rows
I'm fairly comfortable doing them (I've done some short row heels and toes for socks, and short rows incorporated into the hem of a sweater), but had a few questions about them when they're used for bust darts (hopefully I could get advice from someone who has used them successfully)
First, do they work okay for cardigans, or for anything where the front pieces are worked separately? I'm not working from any particular pattern (but the Laura pullover from White Lies Designs is giving me the idea for this), but I want to do a zip-up, fitted hoodie, and I know for sweaters you do the wraps near the underarms; but since I'd be doing the two front pieces separately because of the front closure, would I do a wrap & turn near the underarm, then just work to the end of the row(which would be at the center), turn and do another wrap & turn before the first w&t, etc? Or would i work some wrap & turns at the center as well?
I was wondering if the extra rows would make the bottom of the hoodie sag in the middle at the lower hem if I didn't do the w&t's at the center. (I'm considering trying both ways in miniature first, hehe)
(hopefully that was all worded clearly!)
Secondly, should I avoid them completely if a sweater has a textured stitch pattern?
I'd really appreciate any advice anyone can give me
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