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Grafting the Toe
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Here is a link to a page that is part of a site called Dishcloth Boutique. They have a lot of dishcloths that use different techniques. They are rated 1-3 for difficulty, 1 being the easiest. Look at the pattern called Trad Variation 1 on this page. This uses a kfb and a k2tog one being a common increase and the other a common decrease. All the rest you have done before. Link

You can look through the other patterns there as well. A lot of these patterns (not the one above) can be turned into scarves if you make the pattern continue on over the pattern repeats given.

When I learned to knit I was on my own most of the time and I just found a pattern that had one of two things I had never done before and tried that and kept working my way along. I think though that you shouldn't be too intimidated by the classification of a pattern as hard or advanced, etc. After you know the basics you can tackle most things you have the inclination to do. Look a pattern over and see if you understand most things given (something new is good, but you don't want to go overboard), if you do go for it. We'll help out if you get stuck. Motivation is an important factor. Doing something that interests you will go a long way to geting you through a project. Doing boring stuff (whatever that is to you) will bring discouragement.
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