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On The Benefits of Blocking
I rarely post here on the General Forum, but this time I just had to share. Recently, there were several discussions here whether blocking is really necessary and for what kind of garments and fibers. Well, I just finished my Ivy League Vest (all links to the pattern and yarn pages on Ravelry are in my thread in Whatcha Knitting) and took photos of before and after blocking to share with those who are still hesitant about this useful process that allows you to wear a fitted and good looking garment. This vest is a Fair Isle knit, which makes blocking even more essential, since it helps to even out the stitches and get rid of puckering areas. It's also knitted in wool, that has the best potential for blocking, IMHO.
1. I washed the finished vest in Fiber Wash by Unicorn (thank you, Artlady, for recommending, it's great) in warm water to clean it from all the dirt that it had from my sweaty hands.
2. Rinsed a few times with warn water, paying attention not to handle it too much.
3. Soaked it in Fiber Rinse by Unicorn, squeezed the excess water.
4. Laid the vest flat on a towel, pinned to desired sizes and covered with another towel.
5. After a few hours, I pressed it through the wet towel till i saw that the puckering disappeared and the rib bands looked flat and nice.
6. Let it dry, making sure the cat won't be sleeping on it.

I also made some "before" (first 2 photos) and "after" (last 3) photos:
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