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Picking a Size?
I've not yet knit anything like a sweater but want to embark on this journey (maybe I'll finish it in a few million years). Out of the patterns I've seen that have struck my fancy, I can usually find one that is pretty close to my measurements, UNFORTUNATELY, the one I want to knit now I'm confused about. Therefore, I see you guys-n-gals wisdom.

I'm wanting to knit the following pattern:

My bust is 42 3/4" and my hips are 47 1/2". The finished bust measurement on this pattern for an XL is 40" and for a XXL is 45 3/4".

Which size does one knit when the fall between the two? Please help? I'll be knitting this up in a recycled cotton/linen yarn, if that means anything.

Thank you all. Sorry I've been absent. Life has been...well, busy and I've not been able to unwind with knitting for a while. I'm hoping to turn that around with this project.
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