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Turning the Heel
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Third time lucky...? I'm hoping so...
This time I started with top-down but stopped knitting once the sleeve stitches were put on some crap yarn to hold.
Then I started knitting the sleeves, themselves, and let the body go.
I've finished one sleeve and am very happy with it.
I didn't follow the pattern because I wanted a 3/4 sleeve since I'm always rolling my sleeves up.
I'm on the 2nd sleeve now. Then comes the cowl and lastly the rest of the body.
I'm not sure I have enough yarn so I want the different colour, if it's needed, to be at the bottom of the sweater. I think it should look quite good - all being well...
At least, I haven't given up yet... but I figure this better be it... I don't think my yarn can take another frogging and reknitting.
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