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I'm returning home each weekend, that makes me 5 hours of train (2,5 one way). On ONE train. Normally I would have to take another one (ride: half an hour) that leaves 5 minutes after we arrive. And we don't always make it on time, so one more hour to wait for the next train. But generally someone picks me up.

Still. When you're taking the train on a regular basis, like I do, reading just won't do. Somewhen you feel sick of it. So I decided to try myself at knitting.

But normally, now, I don't knit on the train anymore.
(Mostly because I'm knitting lace almost all the time, and when you do lace, better not make mistakes. Moreover, I don't like being stared at. Makes my body temperature rise ... and sweaty hands are not good for knitting)

As for your goal, I see so many garments and scarves and things that look hand-made, and they could be hand-made as well. I think that someday you'll sell. I believe in you.

Have you tried crochet?

I like that as well. Good for taking around with you.
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